Inaugural post

This is the inaugural post for Reform School Art. It is being developed in order to publish: student work; lesson plans; thoughts on teaching art; nurturing creativity; and insights from others. I also have another blog, Abyssal Plain. Please visit me there as well.
Here are a few student works from the basic drawings classes I taught at the community college this past year.

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  1. remember the days of autograph books? when folks used to sneak into the flyleaf to make sure they could write something dazzling like
    "by hook or by crook I'll be first in this book"....?
    well I just did.
    and so have made a relatively superfluous comment on what promises to be an interesting blog. i shall look forward to perusing your ponderings.

  2. You are a pixie and I am thrilled that you visited this humble site!


  3. Some wonderful peices of art on this blog Patricia. Look forward to seeing some more.

    The song for B looks great, I can hear it in half second intervals with long silent gaps, my internet speed is so slow. But thanks.
    Merry Christmas xt


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