"Making" Art History

In this unit students found images of paintings that they loved then scaled the work up proportionately and created collages. They had to research the artists' lives, find out their path to becoming an artist, think about the artwork and discover what if any information about their works. The fun began when they had to "change" the work to make it their own. There was a lot of cooperation between the students collecting colors and textures from recycled magazines and mail. A heavy coat of glossy acrylic keeps the bits glued tight and unifies the surfaces. Click on the images to see the works more closely.
We started by studying the history of collage and then moved up to an intensive review of Romare Bearden and his life and work.

Students also wrote a "Museum Label" describe their process. The first two images are of a work by Paul Cezanne. The next is by Claude Monet, and the final is of a work by Wayne Thiebaud.

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  1. Patricia the work of your students is absolutely stunning. I love the African art with the scarification across the forms. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing you are very very talented and your students are so lucky to have you teaching them such a wonderful subject as Art.



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