Just Rewards

On art education:

"I think it's so important....Many times, kids can only express themselves through art...Everything cannot be paper, pencil, regurgitating information."
Priscilla Barrow,
"For Opera's Tweet Gift, the Plot Quickens", by Anne Midgette
Washington Post, May 20, p. C5

Briefly, Priscilla Barrow, a DC public school music teacher of renown and enterprise wins a fairy tale prize...a seat at the final performance of The Washington National Opera's Turandot and a trip to the Opera Ball at the German Embassy dressed in a gown provided by the opera' costume designers.

The contest that Ms. Barrow did not participate in was won by Stephen Llewellyn of Portland Oregon, a man that she had never met. The prize that he won was the result of a contest created by Marcia Adair (The Omniscient Mussel) on Twitter. The challenge: to tweet opera plots! Llewellyn was one of the winners and chose the select Opera Weekend Prize. He decided that he wanted an arts educator to be the final recipient of the reward and then found the right person to bestow it on, a 22-year veteran elementary school music teacher!


  1. If you go to http://portlandopera.org/blog/operaman you will find the full story with updates. This just keeps getting better and better!

  2. What fun! I love how old and new come together this way. Your post reminded me to listen (now) to Pavarotti sing Messun Dorma! from Turandot - one of my favorites. Thank you.

    My mom was a music teacher - taught me to play piano (I was a bad student).

  3. How interesting! Congrats to both the winners. I like your neat blog.


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