Spilling Ink

"Flow" is what we crave. Finding that wonderful space where action, movement, and thought all come together soothing our senses and psyche makes for true satisfaction.

Another idea for decorated paper that is inexpensive, could involve teams, and could be linked to an Asian Studies unit, or is just fun to do at home on a Sunday morning is Suminagashi. This term translates as "spilling ink" and resembles marbling, but is a lot safer to the environment and you.

Three examples on paper of varying quality

Everything you ever wanted to know about Suminagashi links
An excellent reference: Suminagashi: The Japanese Art of Marbling: A Practical Guide by Anne Chambers

Roland Flexner
French-born artist living in New York creates rounded forms by blowing India ink and soap through a hollow brush stem onto paper. "The aim in all this is to make it clear that the questions raised by art come from
everywhere."...Anne Tronche, Double Visibility, 1:1 Roland Flexner

Shinichi Maruyama
Exciting images of Maruyama "using" ink in athletic gestures that result in photographic imagery.


  1. Oh such a great post this is! I love the art of Flexner and Maruyama. I hadn't heard of them until now. Thank you. :-D

  2. Hi ML,
    I love their work too. It is really fun to work with ink and it requires very little set up. Thanks for coming by.


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