AR 103 Line

Collage of student work with the art element Line.

"A line is a dot that went for a walk."  Paul Klee

Every 2-D Design classes starts out the same.  Our curriculum introduces the fundamentals of art elements in conjunction with the organizing principles of design.  The course spirals upwards starting with a discussion about subject, form, and content in art, and also the drive to art that humans have always had.

Students then begin to explore the art element of line with all of its qualities of dimension and direction.  Perhaps the most difficult thing for people today is to learn hand/eye coordination.  It is incredible that many people no longer know how to use a ruler and do simple arithmetic.
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  1. Patricia, this is so interesting and for me just feels so good to look at right now, even if it's so structured and geometrical:) reminds me Escher paintings of course too. And oh,your last sentence makes me smile,


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