The Bones

We can live without color but we cannot see without light.  Values formed by moving from light to darkness form how we view the world.  How artists weave values into their compositions can be the support for the image itself.  This foundation can help the viewer make their way through the picture plane.  They can also cause the work to be memorable.

When we look at art we often search for meaning.  Some viewers are discontent unless they can discern the subject of the work.  Sometimes the formal construction eludes us, or it is overlooked in favor of a thirst for content.

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  1. Striking and fetching. Just love all your students' work.

  2. Yes, values are so important. You've given me a great idea to photograph my floral arrangements in black and white and see the contrasts in value.

  3. Ruth,
    Thank you for the complements for the students' work. Of course there is quite a range, but each is learning in their own way.

    I am so glad that you will try b&w compositions. I will hop over to see what is up with your work.

  4. Vraiment très beau !
    J'adore l'élégance de ces lignes et l'harmonie des surfaces .


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