Rising by Degrees


"The United States is facing a dramatic demographic challenge: Young Latinos are the fastest-growing segment of the population, and they are the least likely to graduate from college. Experts say the future of the American economy is at stake, because higher education is essential in the 21st century economy. Rising by Degrees tells the story of Latino students working towards a college degree—and why it’s so hard for them to get what they want."

Last year my drawing classroom was visited by producer, Emily Hanford, who was documenting the experience of several Latino students at Montgomery College.  Katy Sorto, a student enrolled in this class is the subject of one of the profiles.  I hope that you will visit the link and listen to or read the transcript.  These students face amazing challenges but those who succeed deserve their success.

Everyone wins when these students succeed.


  1. Remarkable that your student was in the piece!

  2. The teaching profession gives me the opportunity to work with such a diverse community of learners. I appreciated this program because it gave me even more insight into their hurdles and cultural differences.


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