Color Works

What can you do when you limit your palette? Students were asked to take a high contrast image, preferably one of their own, and transfer it twice. The finished works were rendered using a set of three analogous colors (colors that appear next to each other on the color wheel) plus black, white, or gray. The other palette consisted of a pair of complementary colors, allowing them to  intermix the complements, or add black, white, or gray.  Getting your values right works every time!

The following three examples include using a simplified image and using four color ways: an achromatic palette of 7 tones from white to black;  three analogous hues with the option of mixing in a bit of black, white, or gray; and two sets of tetradic color relationships. Tetradic color schemes employ four colors arranged into two complementary pairs.

When you fail to alter the saturation of color it can be a bit overwhelming...or thrilling, depending on your own response!

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  1. I selfishly wish you would allow comments at Abyssal Plain. The trees blew me away, all of them. My mom used to "worship" trees, and always quoted Kilmer's poem. I also remember Joan Fontaine in Rebecca telling Maxim about her father who kept painting the same tree over and over: "Well, it was a very good tree."

    The Steinkamp dervish video is gorgeous.

    And your color work here, I can so relate - in my photograph processing. I really had a time with my "blue moon." I had to desaturate it quite a bit. I also have to be careful photo processing on my laptop, because this screen subdues colors. When I view them on other monitors they can look garish.

    Thank you for the rec of In July. It is now on my queue. I hadn't heard of it, and with so much about Istanbul and Turkey, we must see it, and it sounds wonderful to boot. I looked for anything about the moon in the film summaries and didn't find that, which is nice, meaning there are layers to be discovered, always a nice thing if you can have it in a film.

  2. Hi Ruth,
    Thank you for your kind comments about the posting on Abyssal Plain. You actually can leave comments...just click the title of the posting and it will bring up a page that allows comments.
    I am not trying to avoid them but somehow I cannot manage to get them on the "front page".

    Steinkamp is a wonder and to experience her works is amazing in person.

    In July (Im July) is a screwball comedy that I know you will enjoy. Fatih Atkins is a Turkish director that was born in Germany. As my husband has pointed out, he tends to deal a lot with the concept of crossing over borders. If the movie seems lame and slow moving at first, stick with it!

    I agree with you that color is so complex and computers make it even more so!!!!

    Happy New Year. May the beginning of 2010 be gentle and play itself out in wondrous ways!

  3. Hi Patricia,
    me too i went first to Abyssal Plain and admired those trees and wanted to leave a comment there !

    Hope you're ending this year beautifully and starting the new one with lots of wonderful creative projects ! So here's to 2010!!


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