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Earlier this fall we had a wonderful exhibition at the King Street Gallery at Montgomery College, "Beyond Text: Contemporary Book Arts".  A popular art form, book arts and more specifically, paper engineering is a natural addition to the art curriculum for all age groups.  Yesterday we had a brief workshop with Carol Barton whose work is illustrated in this post.

Barton has been engaged in the process of exploring design through the manipulation of paper for thirty years and she is a natural and talented instructor.  Her method of teaching is inspired: no rulers, no rules, quick cuts and folds and there you have it, some delightful results.  Her Popular Kinetics website offers up excellent examples of her work, links to other paper engineers around the world and also serves as a gallery and a place where you can order her two books. 

The cover of another work by Carol Barton.

Poor photo but the "text" are seed packets.
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  1. Both pieces are really wonderful. The way people are creative, and continue to find new ways of doing it, really knocks my socks off.

    The seed packet book is inspiring. Is it meant to be functional as well as art?

  2. Truly wonderful pieces, both.

    I love the shadow that the "globe slinky" casts.

    The seed packets book is inspired. I keep the nursery markers of the plants in my garden in a 4X6 photo album. I may have to create seed mosaics for the covers...

    You may like to see the jelly belly art I posted a few weeks ago:

  3. Thanks for your comments, Ruth and Dutchbaby. This is a very interesting artist who has spent a long time working and thinking about book forms and the art materials that can be combined to make a book.
    Dutchbaby, I loved your jelly belly art post! Children would love to work on a project with these sorts of materials!


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