Shaking things up

We are at the close of week one of a summer session course in crafts.  Our focus is surface design on paper and textiles and the construction methods for making artist's books and quilts.  We did a wide range of decorative techniques with paper and won't get to batik for two more weeks, but I couldn't pass up this wonderful opportunity for a field trip.

We traveled by Metro into DC and were greeted by these young women, both trained in dance, at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia.  For one week they are hosting the phenomenal exhibition, Indonesian Batik: World Heritage.

No demonstrations were going on during our visit but there was more than enough to stimulate the senses.

Please feel free to click on each image in order to see the remarkable detail and craftsmanship.

The rooms are dramatic but the floral arrangements brought one's eye down to pieces of cloth so beautifully worked.

A favorite piece.


The Embassy is hosting the American Batik Design  Competition..  Click here for details.  If you wish to compete you will have to hurry, the deadline is August 1!  There are some very remarkable prizes.

The foyer of the embassy is ornate with a Tiffany glass ceiling over the grand stairway.Posted by Picasa
I hope that the excitement generated by this trip will last for another week when we begin our batik project.