Of a piece: Part One

Posted by PicasaThere are several postings related to the design curriculum that I include in my classes here at our community college.  I have written about line, the art element that students begin with in the past.
Seemingly abstract to many of the non-art students, it is the beginning of our journey into dissecting what we see and how we create.

All lines are not created equal.  There are the passive horizontals, the strength of the verticals and the power of the diagonal.  There is an energy and beauty to curves.  Lines have character and we can use them to transcribe the world around us.

We begin with the line combination of horizontal and vertical.

Note the beauty of the implied spaces!


  1. Excellent dynamic examples of line! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow, the semester is just ending and I have so neglected this blog! Thanks Dutchbaby for stopping by.


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